Enroll a Child 

95% of our littles report having increased self-confidence because of their bigs.

Enroll A Child

Child Enrollment

Child enrollment begins with an application and an interview process. At a minimum, children enrolling with our agency must:

  • Be age 6-16
  • Express genuine interest in the program
  • Be capable of forming a meaningful relationship with an adult mentor

Additionally, parents and/or guardians enrolling children must be supportive of a mentoring relationship.

If your child meets the minimum requirements above and you would like to sign them up to find a mentor:

  • Helena parents/guardians please call 406-442-7479
  • Great Falls parents/guardians please call 406-453-5521
  • Boulder parents/guardians please call 406-442-7479

Community-Based Mentoring

Bigs provide Littles with one-to-one time and attention doing activities in the community.  Typically Bigs meet with their Littles 2-4 times per month for a couple of hours each meeting.  We will match kids for this program who are 6-16 years of age. Couple mentoring is also available in the Community-Based program.

School-Based Mentoring

Bigs provide Littles with one-to-one time and attention in local schools during the child's school day.  School-Based matches meet one time per week, usually for 30-60 minutes.  This program is available to kids who are in grades K-8th grade.